Steph Jeong Scrapbook '20

(Open to select projects, 5pm — 9am)

Steph Jeong


Brooklyn, NY

Hello, I’m Steph Jeong, a designer who specializes in digital product design, but dabbles in all things creative. 

I’m a Design Lead at Ueno, where I’ve worked on a wide range of digital products, for news, fintech, ecommerce, art, video-streaming, and more. 

I’ve lived in New York for two years, but before that was in San Francisco. I was born in Seoul, Korea, but moved to Atlanta, Georgia, with my family as a teen. (I think this is what made me interested in design for different audiences and cultures.)

I’m pretty busy at work, but I’d be happy to hear from you if you have an interesting idea for a collaboration or if you just want to say hi. I'm a decent person on my decent days. Thanks for stopping by. ^_^


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*Project currently being worked on at Ueno. Estimated to launch in May.

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